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Argentina Mailing Address Formats and Other International Mailing Information

for mailing letters or packages to or from Argentina,
such as postal rates to (or from) Argentina, finding Argentinian/Argentine addresses, Argentinian/Argentine postcodes, etc.

When mailing an envelope or postcard, leave at least the bottom 16 millimeters (5/8 inch) blank on both front and back. (The postal service's reading and sorting machines might need this space to print bar codes on your mail.)

Address Format Examples

Mostly adapted from Correo Argentino (Argentina's Postal Service) website:
   Juana Aguirre              [recipient]
   Piedras No 623             [street address (street name + house/building number)]
   Piso2 Dto.4                ["Piso2"="2nd floor".  "Dto.4"="(Weird abbreviation for department: Dpto. would be more usual) 4".  Piso/Depto-Barrio stuff may occur in this line, but only applies to some addresses.]
   C1070AAM Capital Federal   [postal code + city/town/locality.  Yes, currently (writing as of March 2005) an Argentina postal code ("CPA") has one letter + four digits + three letters.]
   ARGENTINA                  [country name, when mailing from outside Argentina]

   Daniela Sosa               [recipient]
   Casilla de Correo 432      [Post Office Box 432]
   Correo Central             ['Central Post Office' (Which post office.  Optional for some post office box addresses.]
   C1000WAM Capital Federal   [postal code + city/town/locality]
   ARGENTINA                  [country name, when mailing from outside Argentina]

   At. Sr. Hiro Gordo-Globo   [recipient name, literally "ATTN: Mr. Hiro Gordo-Globo".  The ATTN:/At. is certainly optional.]
   Sumo Informática S.A.      [business name]
   Calle 39 No 1540           [street address]  Here the street is named "Calle 39" and 1540 is the house number.
   B1000TBU San Sebastian     [postal code + city/town/locality]
   ARGENTINA                  [country name, when mailing from outside Argentina]

   Prof. Carlo Francis Xavier   [recipient]
   Escuela Rural 45             [name of a rural school or other appropriate named rural place]
   X5187XAB San Clemente        [postal code + city/town/locality]
   ARGENTINA                    [country name, when mailing from outside Argentina]

Adapted from the UPU:
   CPA                                      [recipient]
   Sarmiento 151, Piso 3, Oficina 311 BIS   [street name + house/building number, Floor 3, Office 311 BIS]
   C1000ZAA BUENOS AIRES                    [postal code + city/town/locality]
   ARGENTINA                                [country name, when mailing from outside Argentina]

Address Format Information

Addresses in the Spanish Language section.
Postal abbreviations, honorifics, and more about addressing mail in Spanish.

In Spanish only: Some useful pages at the Correo Argentino (Argentine Postal Service) website.

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Postcode Search (find Argentina postcodes / postal codes = 'Argentinian/Argentine zip codes')

Postal Code Lookup Form (Requires Javascript; in Spanish)
Works fairly well, but fails on some heavily abbreviated addresses. For help expanding an abbreviated address, see address correction/completion and address finding resources listed on this page.

Address Validation, Verification, and/or Correction

Completing/repairing a partial address
Interactive map of Buenos Aires (may require Javascript; in Spanish)
Surprisingly useful for helping fix over-abbreviated, incomplete or slightly broken addresses in Buenos Aires.

You can find an address by using a search form in the lower left corner (as of 2010 June) labeled "LOCALIZADOR DE DIRECCIONES". This can be useful for getting more complete forms of abbreviated street names, and for figuring out a location within the large city. Also useful for getting an address into the more complete form sometimes required by the Argentine Post's (Correo Argentino's) postcode lookup form.

You can check that an address at least exists with Correo Argentino's Postal Code Lookup Form (Requires Javascript; in Spanish)
  What Postcode Lookup Form Field Names Mean

  Localidad:          neighborhood/quarter
  Nombre de la Calle: street name
  Número:             number
  Búsqueda:           search

Postal Rates to or from Argentina

Postage calculators and tables showing how much postage you need to mail or ship to and/or from Argentina are at the International Postal Rates Page.

Finding Out Addresses (such as addresses in Argentina / Argentina address search)

See Finding An International Address / Address Search.

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