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Finding An International Address

Where are online address directories / telephone books for other countries?


White Pages (Spanish Language)
    Apellido y Nombre / Empresa - Name (of person or business)
    Provincia - Province
    Localidad - City / town (can be optional)

Yellow Pages (Spanish Language)
    Que buscas? - Whatcha looking for?
    Donde? - Where 
    Buscar - Search  


Telelistas (in Portugese; requires Javascript)

Business listings are most prominent, but residential listings should also be available.
Note: "UF"=province or 'state'. "Cidade"=city.

Canada: Finding Canadian Addresses and Phone Numbers

"Canada 411"

Includes business and residential listings.


White Pages
Yellow Pages

Germany: Finding German Addresses and Phone Numbers

English-language version of "The Telephone Book" website

Tips for English speakers
  • If a word you need to type in includes two dots over a letter, you can type an e after that letter in place of the dots.
    Example: Köln = Koeln
    Leaving out both would cause the word you type to be misinterpreted!
  • You might need to use the German form of a German placename.
    Example: Köln or Koeln, not Cologne
  • ß (often written with a tail) is not a B. You can type ss instead.
    Example: Bärstraße = Baerstrasse

Ireland (Eire)

White Pages (pick business or residential)


"Editus Tel" provides a decent White Pages (in English language, or click on the British flag near the upper left corner of the page).

Also includes reverse phone number lookup.

Mexico: Finding Mexican Addresses and Phone Numbers

Paginas Amarillas (Spanish language)
  • Business listings only.

English speaker cheat sheat / glossary / vocabulary for Spanish-language address search
  • "Qué busca?" = Whatcha searching for?
  • "Ciudad" = city
  • "Dpto/Est/Prov" = state/province (or department)
  • "Buscar" = search

Spain: Finding Spanish Addresses and Phone Numbers

White pages for Spain (may require Javascript)
  • To use English, click on the little British flag (probably near upper left corner of page.)


White Pages

United Kingdom (UK): Finding Addresses and Phone Numbers in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland

British Telecom

Covers English, Welsh, Scottish, and Northern Ireland addresses and phone numbers.
Includes business and residential listings.

Other Countries / Miscellaneous

Google Ad is sometimes shown above.
CERN Links to National Address/Telephone Directories of Many Countries

This page links to telephone/address directories for many countries.
Both White Pages and Yellow Pages are generally included.

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