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International Postage Rates Guide is provided by BitBoost Systems

International Postage Rates Guide

How much it costs to send letters, packages, & postcards internationally
TO practically anywhere, FROM many countries


Mailing from the United States

United States Postal Service International Rate Calculator
This calculates the total postage to send mail from the United States to any of various countries.
  • For letters, packages, flats, postcards.
  • Please note that it does not include the indirect costs of sending someone to the post office to fill out and sign customs forms, etc. So it would be unwise for a business to base its postage & handling charges on only the rate calculator's figures.

USPS Price List (International and Domestic)

Mailing from many other countries

Austrian Postage Calculator (in German language)
  • Postal rates for sending different sorts of mail from Austria. (Features may require Javascript.)
  • Note: "Tarifrechner" = postage calculator. "Brief" = letter. "Paket" = package. "Gebiet" = region. "Gewicht" = weight (weights are in grams or kilograms). "Inland" = within Austria. "Ausland" = outside of Austria. "Länge" = length. "Breite" = width. "Stärke" = thickness. Prices are in Austrian currency.

Australia Post's Postage Calculator
In-country and overseas postage rates for sending different sorts of mail from Australia.

Prices in Euros.
  • Rate sheet as PDF document (German language)
    • "Auslandstarife" is "international rates"
    • "Europa" is the countries listed in the "Europa Zone".
    • "Restliche Welt" is of course the rest of the world (neither Belgium nor Europa)
    • "Maximaldicke: 5 mm" means "maximum thickness: 5 millimeters"
    • "Standardisierte Sendungen" means standard (mailing that meets standard rates)
    • "Nicht Standardisierte Sendungen" means NOT standard (for example, oversize rates)
    • "Briefversand" refers to letter rates
    • "Paketversand" refers to package rates
  • French-language and Flemish-language small customer ("residential") postage rate calculator links.
    • "Brief" = "letter" (Flemish-language)
    • "pakketten" gives rates for packages (Flemish-language).

Postage rates / calculator when mailing from Bhutan to anywhere. (Requires Javascript)

Canadian Postal Rates (Canada Post)
Mail from Canada to anywhere.

Danish Postal Service Website (many features require Javascript)

Postage rates / calculator when mailing from Fiji to anywhere. (Requires Javascript)

Finnish Postal Rates (Finland Post)
Mail from Finland to anywhere.

French Postage Calculator (La Poste)
In English.

German Postage Calculator, by Deutsche Post (German Language; requires Javascript)
  • Mail from Germany to anywhere.
  • Note: "Stück nach." = Piece (of mail) to. "Länge, Breite, Höhe, Gewicht" = Length, Width, Height, Weight. "berechnen" = calculate/reckon.

Iceland Post website: English-language version.

India Postage Calculators (for mailing from India)
Domestic and international mail.

Irish Postal Rates (An Post)
Mail from Ireland to anywhere.

Italian Postal Rates (in Italian language)
You will have to understand enough Italian to click on the type(s) of mail that interests you; or an English language version of the website might be available.

Japanese Postal Rates
Japanpost website

Malaysian Postal Rates
Pos Malaysia website's postal rate links

New Zealand Rate Finders
Sending mail from New Zealand to anywhere. (Requires Javascript)

Saudi Arabia (requires Javascript)

Singapore (SingPost) Postal Calculator

South Africa
South African Postal Rates

Switzerland: "Sending Mail" (Swiss Postal Rates & Prices)
Links to price lists and calculators for various types of mail.

Taiwan (Republic of China) Postal Rates
This link might work, or you might have to look for the English section of this website.

United Kingdom: Royal Mail (price calculator requires Javascript).

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Postal rates listings at other sites

Postage Rates Worldwide by Markus Seitz
Postal rates to send mail, of a few types and weights, from over 60 countries. But do note these caveats:
  • Seitz' listings do not include
    • Many weights of mail.
      For example, Seitz may give the postage for a minimal-weight letter, but not tell you what the weight actually is for that price.
    • Various special classes of mail.
  • Seitz' rate change dates are in a dy.mo.yr format, not the mo.dy.yr format that many Americans expect.
  • BitBoost of course cannot guarantee that every Markus Seitz listing is always fully updated.

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