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Your computer can know the difference between 'cat typing' and human typing.

PawSense detects and blocks cat typing, and helps train your cat to stay off the keyboard.

[somewhat obfuscated python source code: to the python obfuscation website about protecting your python software code and related intellectual property / ip]

Python Obfuscator
and Code Shrinker

  • Helps you protect Python code against reverse engineering.

  • Handles even large-scale programs or libraries containing many modules, packages, and subpackages.

  • Can reduce code size.

  • Thorough and flexible.

Obfuscate your Python code with the BitBoost 'bobs' Python obfuscator
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The most mature, well-debugged, and featureful

Python obfuscator and code size reducer


  • Developed and updated 2003-2014.
  • Benefits
    • Impedes reverse engineering of your Python code.
    • Useful against even bytecode disassemblers and decompilers.
    • Can reduce code size in both source code and compiled forms.
    • 'Industrial-strength' automation can obfuscate even large-scale programs and libraries consisting of many modules, without limitations on import syntax.
    • A body of code containing multiple packages and subpackages can even be obfuscated as a coordinated unit, within which even the interfaces between the packages and subpackages are obfuscated.
  • Key technical features
    • Automated analysis and obfuscation of identifiers defined by your code: variable names, function names, function attributes, function and method argument names, class names, class and object methods, class and object variables, object names, module names, including inter-module interfaces and some inter-package interfaces.
      • Namespace analyzer optionally avoids a 1:1 mapping of cleartext names to obfuscated names. (The same variable name or function parameter name may be converted to several different names within a piece of obfuscated code, without changing code functionality nor increasing the number of code instructions.)
      • You can choose the format of replacement identifier names.
        • Choose to shrink code more with smaller identifiers.
        • Choose extra-confusing formats.
        • Choose to have different identifier names for each customer's build (a code watermarking feature.)
      • You may mark some names and docstrings for retention (mostly so you can produce libraries for other programmers to use.)
    • Removes/replaces docstrings and comments.
    • Psychologically inspired techniques produce extra confusion in human readers.
    • Outputs Python source code for maximum flexibility.
      • Python source code can easily be byte-compiled or converted to other formats.
    • Copyright information can be inserted automatically.
    • Various additional advanced options.
    • Code to be obfuscated may include
      • all Python 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5 language & library features.
      • almost all language & library features added in Python 2.6 and/or 2.7.
    • Obfuscator can be run in Python 2.5, 2.6, and 2.7
    • Obfuscated output code can be run in Python 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, and 2.7 (if the code you fed into the obfuscator could run in those versions of Python.)
    • 'Convenience features' such as
      • Utility to deobfuscate your software's error data (aka tracebacks / stack crawls / stack dumps.)
    • Cross-platform: operates under Windows, OS X (Macintosh), Unix/Linux.
  • Manual for obfuscator version 3.0
  • Pricing: A one-user, one-machine license costs USD $200. (Permits use by one user at a time, on one machine at a time. Includes free upgrades to any later minor (.x) versions.)
  • Please contact us for more details and to purchase an obfuscator license.
  • Limited online demo as Web form -- lacks the real thing's multi-file capabilities and many other features.
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(larger & more complete)

Other Products and Services

Custom software development and content authoring services are also available.

[maze] BitBoost's Puzzle Solutions(TM) unit has provided maze puzzle games and specialized services since 1995.

[Japanese characters] TileTag(TM): a computer game helps you learn to read and write Japanese. TileTag teaches the Japanese hiragana and katakana characters (kana), and additional information about the Japanese language.

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