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France Mailing Address Formats and Other International Mailing Information

for mailing letters or packages to or from France,
such as postal rates to (or from) France, finding French addresses, French postcodes, etc.

When mailing an envelope or postcard, leave at least the bottom 16 millimeters (5/8 inch) blank on both front and back. (The postal service's reading and sorting machines might need this space to print bar codes on your mail.)

Address Format Examples

from the UPU, but updated by us:
   Madame Duval             Some people prefer to write the recipient's last name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, but the UPU does not deem this necessary.
   27 RUE PASTEUR           [street address (house/building number + street name)]  People USED TO include a comma between house/building number and street name.  Presently, La Poste prefers no comma.
   14390 CABOURG            [postal code + city]  La Poste prefers now that you DO NOT precede the postal code with France's country code and a dash.

   M. Bernard               this is a variant "Small locality" format

Address Format Information

Sending mail to France
Includes "Writing a French Address."
By La Poste (the French Postal Service)

The Universal Postal Union listing for France is one of the best, most informative of the UPU country listings. (in PDF format)

AskOxford: Writing Letters in French includes some information about addressing letters sent to French destinations.

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Postcode Search (find France postcodes / postal codes = 'French zip codes')

English-language search form

Address Validation, Verification, and/or Correction

"Test your addresses"
Provides some help with formatting and partial plausibility checking of addresses.

Miscellaneous Information

French<->English Postal Glossary
"International mail often uses French terms and phrases..."

Fun Fact

France's Postal Service ("La Poste") lets you send a registered letter 'through the Internet.'
  • The letter is printed and delivered physically by La Poste.
  • This could be an unusual way to deliver a letter across the world very quickly!

Postal Rates to or from France

Postage calculators and tables showing how much postage you need to mail or ship to and/or from France are at the International Postal Rates Page.

Finding Out Addresses (such as addresses in France / France address search)

See Finding An International Address / Address Search.

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