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Contributors and Acknowledgements

The following people have helped to refine, correct, clarify, or expand the International Mailing Address Formats International Address Formats (Postal/Mailing Addresses) and Other International Mailing Information guide.
Doug Picirillo (
helped with the Mexico and Spain listings. Doug Picirillo is a marketing database systems consultant who says, "I spend a lot of time thinking about addresses."

helped with the Brazil listing.

Sue Phillips
helped with the Great Britain listing.

Magni Onsoien
helped considerably with the Norway page.

Carsten Pedersen
sent an improvement for the Denmark section.

Fred Curtis
provided a helpful update for the Australia section.

Rejin Narayanan
sent us the new URL for the Indian Postal Department.

Dick Kraaij
pointed out that in Netherlands adddresses, there should preferably be two spaces between the letters at the end of the postal code and the town/city name.

An email signed Andrei Anghelescu
provided a general explanation of mailing address formats for Romania.

Kevin Yuk
provided important feedback about mailing to Hong Kong.


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