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Postal Address Formats when sending mail to Norway

This page is based heavily upon the help of Magni Onsoien. Thanks, Magni! Any errors resulting from our own original documentation, and from our (re)organization, interpretation, editing, and updating of Magni's data, are not her fault. :-)

Annotated Format Examples

Minimal Street Address
Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority [Recipient]
Revierstredet 2                                 [street name + building number]
NO-0104 OSLO                                    [(optional country code "N-" or "NO-") + postal code (4 digits) + city/town]
Norway                                          [Country name]

Important Note Re Country Code Before the Four-Digit Postal Code, e.g. NO-1234

When mailing from most countries, such as the United States, Norway, most of Europe, etc., a country code of N- or NO- is no longer needed before the four-digit postal code. Some countries, such as Germany, actively discourage mailers from using the country code, for fear it could confuse mail sorting machines.

Countries where it might still be helpful or required: Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Sweden.

Minimal PO Box Address
Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority  [Recipient]
Postboks 447 Sentrum                             [Post office box + box number + post office]
0104 OSLO                                        [Postal code + city/town]
NORWAY                                           [Country name]  
Magni Onsoien comments:

The official way of referring to a P.O.Box in Norway (and Norwegian) is "Postboks" - but generally any word containing "Box" will always be understood, and usually the postman will interpret an address not containing a street name as a P.O.Box too :)

If the city-part of the address is a town/city with more than one post office, the name of the post office is added after the number of the P.O.Box. Many towns are small and only have one post office, then the name of it is omitted. I don't _think_ it is compulsory because AFAIK the number of the P.O.Box within a city is unique even without the P.O. name.

Common variations of "Postboks" are "Pb." or "Boks" (and also the English variants if the letter comes from abroad or if the company is giving their address in English).

Lengthy Complicated Street Address Example
Stine Hansen       [Name of person]
c/o Per Olsen      [Name of landlord, company, whoever's
                     name is on the letter box :-) ]
Leilighet 425      [Number of flat, room, dorm etc]
Storgata 6         [Street address: street name + house/building number]
NO-7321 Trondheim  [Postal code + city/town.  The NO- is optional, at least when mailing from the U.S.]
Norway             [Country]  
Magni Onsoien comments:

Sometimes the flat number and street number may be written together: Storgata 6-425 but there is no standard for this and it should not be changed from the address the recipient gave you since the postman may be very confused by a new notation.

Example Of Very Short Address, For Recipient With Its Own Postcode:
Norwegian University of Technology and Science [Recipient]
NO-7491 Trondheim                              [Postal code + city/town.] 
Magni Onsoien comments:

The University has its own internal postal service and all external mail is delivered to the internal post office and then it's the university's own problem to find the final recipient. So if the letter is intended for a specific person, his/her name and name or department should be written as well.

Search for Norwegian Postal Codes / Postcodes

(Norway's equivalent of U.S. zip codes)

You can search for Norwegian postal codes (aka postcodes) at

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