TileSet Creator
for TileTag(TM)

Customize TileTag to help you learn
any symbols, any subject, any language

Multiply TileTag's usefulness.

You can create new TileSets with TileSet Creator. This is the same software BitBoost Systems used to create the TileSets that come with TileTag for Kana.

    [wakaru kanji]
  • TileSet Creator lets you create TileSets for any kind of graphical symbols, words, or phrases.

    [high-level editing view] [high-level editing view]

    Nearly anything...
    ...from Japanese kanji combinations to French vocabulary...
    ...from Mayan glyphs to prehistoric projectile types...
    ...from multiplication tables to trig identities...
    becomes easier to learn with TileSet Creator.

  • You can create changed versions of existing TileSets or start new ones from scratch.

  • You can copy, cut and paste individual symbols between TileSets
    or import entire existing TileSets into whatever TileSet you are creating or editing.

  • The TileSets you create with one copy of TileSet Creator can be used on as many computers as you want. (As long as they have licensed installations of TileTag full version.)

    [graphical symbol editor]

  • A sophisticated graphical editor supports fast, powerful and precise layout of graphical symbols, including stroke ordering for languages that use stroke-based characters.

  • Yet another way to generate tilesets is directly from ASCII text files.

  • Just about every PC made in the last several years meets our system requirements:
    • 16 megabytes or more of RAM.
    • 800 x 600 pixel display or better.
    • Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, or better.

  • You can buy TileSet Creator on the Web for only $14 + shipping and handling.
    Shipping and handling costs $2 within the United States, or $5 to all other countries. If you don't want to use a credit card on the Web, you can mail a check or money order for $14 + shipping and handling to:
    TileSet Creator for TileTag
    BitBoost Systems
    PO Box 65502
    Tucson AZ 85728

Technical support is provided for a minimum of 60 days after you buy TileSet Creator.

[graphical symbol editor]

Questions? Please contact us.


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