How can cat typing tell my computer to do so many things?

Keyboard shortcuts are a way for fast typists to enter menu commands without having to use the mouse.

Most popular software has keyboard shortcuts built right in for every command.

Pressing the ALT key, the CTRL key, the function keys F1-F12, or any of many other keys as part of a random key sequence can activate various commands in different software.

One type of shortcut in most Windows programs is triggered by pressing the ALT key. Once you have pressed the ALT key, you can pick any command from the program's main menu by pressing any of the many letters that are shown underlined in the program's main menu. Try it in your Web browser now!

Microsoft Word has over 200 keyboard shortcuts in it, not even counting the individual menu shortcuts. Excel has countless shortcuts for many everyday and exotic purposes.

Even your Windows operating system (Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10) has more keyboard shortcuts built into it than even most computer experts can hope to remember. Keyboard shortcuts can instantly engage features that you didn't even know your computer had.

Careless paws pressing keyboard command shortcuts can:

  • change your data...
  • delete files...
  • reconfigure your computer...
  • do nearly anything to your computer...

If, when you've been away from the computer, you've had some files deleted, windows moved around oddly, your computer reconfigured mysteriously...your cat may have done it by pressing random keyboard shortcuts.

But PawSense can help your computer protect itself against mischievous felines.

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