What reviewers say about

  • The Whole Cat Journal's review of products for "Cats in the Office" (October/November 2002) says

    "I have used this program for years and it has saved my sanity (and my work) on numerous occasions."

    "It's also very easy to install. (If I can do it, anyone can.)"

  • The science magazine Scientific American says PawSense works "surprisingly well" (March 2000 print edition, page 26.)

    "I recently tested PawSense, using a borrowed cat named Schrier. The software worked surprisingly well, blocking Schrier from her attempts to improve sketchy works of questionable literary value."

  • Andy Walker, computer columnist for the Cyberwalker syndicate, writes for several Canadian newspapers such as the Toronto Star and the Edmonton Journal. Walker's review of PawSense 1.0 gave the software a Reviewer's Rating of 4.5 / 5.

  • In the December 10, 2000 issue of Access Magazine, Ivan Berger reports on his tests of PawSense. Berger discovers that "PawSense works."
Photo © Copyright 2000 by Steve Mirsky for Scientific American. Reproduced by permission.