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The Netherlands

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Postcode Finder (Dutch language)

Yes, the Netherlands' postcodes are that country's equivalent of America's zip codes. Postcodes consist of four numerals and two letters, with a space separating the numerals from the letters. If you know a street address and the town/village/city/locality, the PTT Post postcode finder can probably tell you the appropriate postcode.
Approximate meanings of phrases used in the postcode finder form
Dutch in postcode finder formapproximate English meaning
Zoekenseek / search for
Plaats/Woonplaats'locality' (village/town/etc.)
Straatnaamstreet name
Huisnummerhouse number / building number


International Mailing Address Formats
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Test version of the English-language search form.
As of January 2002, this test form should yield the postcode 2585 GJ unless the values are changed before clicking the Search button. The default test address is that of Geschillencommissie Post en Telecommunicatie, Surinamestraat 24, 2585 GJ Den Haag

To find the postcode for an address, fill in the fields and click on the 'Search' button.
Street name:
Building number / house number:
Tips (in Dutch language, sorry)

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