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With Special Attention to Specific Foreign Languages such as German, Japanese

Topics Covered:

French-English-French French<-->English
German-English-German German<-->English
Japanese-English-Japanese Japanese<-->English
Swedish-English-Swedish Swedish<-->English
Other-English-Other / Miscellaneous (e.g. Spanish<->German)


ARTFL French-English

About 75,000 terms. Probably not being updated.
At University of Chicago.

"Google Directory - Reference > Dictionaries > World Languages > F > French "



"LEO - Link Everything Online"
An Online Service by Informatik der Technischen Universität München

"Some Specialized German/English Dictionaries On Line"

"Google Directory - Reference > Dictionaries > World Languages > G > German "


Jim Breen's WWWJDIC Japanese-English Dictionary Server (Monash University Site)

A wide range of input options. Pick a mirror near you.

Jeffrey's Japanese<->English Dictionary - Gateway

Supports a very broad range of browser (in)capabilities.


The Swedish Schoolnet: Lexin - Swedish-English dictionary

Provided by Sweden's National Agency for Education.
Also includes links to Swedish-Bosnian, -Croatian, -Finnish, -Greek, -Spanish, -Russian.


DIX: Deutsch-Spanisch Wörterbuch

German<-->Spanish dictionary. Over 100,000 definitions. Interessant und nützlich!


Many resources of varying size and utility.

The Internet Dictionary Project

Online lookup and downloadable files for multiple language-to-language dictionaries.
'Royalty-free, but not copyright-free.' (Still online as of mid-2009, althrough updating ended as of early 2007.)

WOD (Webster's Online Dictionary)

Philip M. Parker's snowballing dictionary project. Parker is building lexicons of varying sizes in hundreds of languages, using various out-of-copyright and public domain sources. Uses English as a "pivot point" / lingua franca / intermediate language.

The lexicon's format and data processing methods don't necessarily handle noun gender very gracefully. For example, I may look up "Fisch" but have trouble finding out the gender(s) of Fisch.

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