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Estonia Mailing Address Formats

Sending mail to Estonia

Annotated Example Addresses

    The Stenbock House
    Rahukohtu 3         [street name + building number]
    15161 Tallinn       [postal code + city]
    Estonia             [country name (for mailing to Estonia from United States)]
    Estonian Informatics Center
    Rävala 5
    15169 Tallinn

More Information

Information below is from the Eesti Post (Estonian Postal Service) received December 2005 (we have performed some editing). Applicability of some guidelines to international mail might be limited.

Ordinary and registered letters

Writing of address




Maximum amount

Posting and acceptance



Liability of Estonian Post

Additional services for a fee
- Collection from the sender’s office;
- Ordinary or registered advice of delivery.

Additional services free of charge
- Delivery to the addressee only (in the case of private persons, the letter must be provided with the notice "Väljastada isiklikult" (Deliver to the addressee only), see model).

Eesti Post website

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Estonia and Eesti are terms relating to the Republic of Estonia.