Using a Check or Money Order in a Non-U.S. Currency to Buy PawSense(TM)

If you want to use a check or money order in a non-U.S. currency to buy PawSense(TM), you can use the following national currencies:

International prices for purchases by check or money order,
good through at least 14 September 2018.
Country / Currency Price including international airmail delivery
Australian Dollars AUD $34.38
British Pounds GBP £19.27
Canadian Dollars CAN $31.52
Note: This Canadian dollars price is good only when shipping to Canada.
Orders shipped to other countries cost CAN$33.48.
EU Euros EUR €21.77
Japanese Yen JPY ¥2863.04
New Zealand Dollars NZD $37.65
South Korean Won KRW 28742.52
Swiss Francs CHF 25.43
United States Dollars USD $25.49

Please make the check or money order payable to 'BitBoost' or 'BitBoost Systems,' and mail it to:

PawSense Web Special Code AC71-NU
BitBoost Systems
POB 65502
Tucson AZ 85728

Buying by credit card or PayPal automatically converts any currency to U.S. dollars. You can see how much PawSense costs in your local currency when using a credit card, by clicking here.

Any questions? Please contact us.